Green Deacon

1 12 oz Gin, Plymouth
1 oz Grapefruit juice
34 oz Sloe gin, Plymouth
1 rinse Absinthe, St. George
Shake, strain into an absinthe-rinsed coupe.
Based on the Rosy Deacon from Jones' Complete Bar Guide.
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  • Unexceptional (with the caveat that I had to sub cheap sloe gin). — ☆☆☆
  • Something special about this one. It's a great introduction to sloe gin, especially a good one like Plymouth. Wonderful flavor. Also, this is fairly low-sugar. It's a great *I'll have two in a row* drink. — ☆☆☆☆☆
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GREAT introduction to sloe

GREAT introduction to sloe gin, which is was new to me. Using a good-quality sloe gin makes the drink, so I don't think you can replace the Plymouth Sloe Gin. It's easygoing but still very delicious, without being overly sweet or citrus-heavy. Doesn't taste like a lot of other drinks. Oh, and I used a Herbsaint rinse instead of authentic absinthe, but it worked great.