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We've completely redesigned and rewritten Kindred Cocktails. Cosmetically, we've updated it to modern web standards. You'll find it much easier and more complete on mobile devices. Most every feature has been retained and a few new ones added. Some features have moved to new, more logical places. And inside almost 95% of the code has been updated or rewritten. Explore. Let us know if you find anything that doesn't work as you'd expect.

If you've contributed cocktails, you'll find that our philosophy on submissions has changed. Previously we accepted recipes that weren't in conformance with our Style Guidelines. They were not published, but you could keep them in your cocktail book. All these private cocktails weren't shared, and this ran contrary to our concept of kindred -- a community of like-minded cocktail lovers. So now we accept only three unpublished cocktails at a time. Unpublished cocktails should be improved to meet our style guidelines and re-submitted for publication. Or merged into another existing cocktail. Or even deleted if not of sufficient quality. We hope this change creates a database of high-quality recipes for everyone to enjoy.

To help you keep track of your personal variation on a cocktail's ingredients, each cocktail book entry can have custom ingredients. Use the Paste Recipe button, then customize the ingredients to your liking. When you view the cocktail's page, you can see either your custom ingredients or the official ingredients.

We hope you'll enjoy the new version. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you'd like.

- The Kindred Cocktail team


bza commented on 5/22/2021:

It may just be me, but I'm having an issue where I try to publish a recipe and it only shows the first ingredient. I've tried a few times on a number of different browsers and using a mac and PC. Am I doing something wrong?

Please make it easier to see more of one's recent additions/suggestions at a time or make them easier to navigate through. Love the site, but that problem is maddening! It worked great before the update!

@bza and @svenryelsdorn: We found a couple of bugs in cocktail creation and have fixed them. The first involves rejecting cocktail titles as not being unique when in fact the are. The second is saving additional ingredients automatically added to the form when you type. Sorry for the inconvenience and that's for helping report issues and make Kindred Cocktails better.

A new "look" ........ for a really really old guy like me, change is anathema. And that's just an old dude whining with much humor.

For over 5 years Kindred Cocktails has been wonderfully gracious to publish and share my own cocktail inventions.

And even more important, I've discovered dozens and dozens of incredible cocktails I've added to my own database ...... AND then prepared for home consumption.

Kindred Cocktails is a fantastic location to actually get a post-graduate education on Cocktails !!!!

g28 commented on 5/30/2021:

Looks good, and I like the section for custom ingredients. Just one suggestion - if I'm remembering correctly, the front page used to show both cocktails newly added to the site, as well as recent additions to my cocktail book. Now it seems to only show newly added to the site. I noticed that when searching I could sort by Most Recent, but that seems to be based on when the cocktails were added to the site rather than when I added them to my list. It would be really nice to again be able to see the ones I've added recently to my book.

Please make it simpler for me to access and delete saved recipes! This new format is VERY difficult to use!

I keep trying edit Boardwalk Flyer, which I had added to my cocktail book, to just rate it. I get a message saying “Carpano is an ambiguous ingredient. Please enter a more specific ingredient.”

I did not attempt to edit ingredients nor did i write anything about carpano. Is this possibly some kind of glitch? Where/how do I report it?

Yes, I know about that, but you only see 5 at a time; used to be ~20... Also if you look at one, then decide you don't want that one, you are taken back to the beginning and have to do the search over!

TheTaj commented on 6/16/2021:

Did the "Quickstart Cocktails" list get blown away, or is it hiding somewhere in the new menus? I love the new look for my favorite website, but I also miss the list of classic cocktails list that I could always use as a start to the rabbit hole!

I miss the search box, any chance it makes a comeback?

Did the "short, pithy description" field get nuked?

The responsive formatting for adding a new cocktail while on a desktop needs to be tweaked and lengthened. Several of the fields (Qty, Year, etc.) are too small to hold typical field contents, and nearly half the screen width is unused.

If at all possible, I'd love it if the search for one's own cocktail book allowed one to search by when one added the cocktail to the book. (Or simply sort the whole list by same.) I thought this was what "Most Recent" did, but it appear that it shows when the cocktail was added to KC. Sometimes I find it hard to remember which cocktail sounded so very intriguing 3 nights ago that I didn't have the time to make.

Thanks for all that you do to maintain this awesome site!

What am I missing? I keep adding cocktails to my book but I can’t seem to find the book itself. I’ve gone through every menu item and looked all over the Homepage but nothing seems to take me to My Book!