Amer Boudreau is a replica of the historic (higher proof) Amer Picon, created by bartender and mixologist Jamie Boudreau. His recipe requires that you first make a tincture of orange peel, then mix that with Amaro Ramazzotti and Stirrings blood orange bitters.

Fill any sealable container halfway with dried orange peel. Fill with 100-proof vodka. Wait 1-2 months. Strain. Reduce infusion time to 3-6 weeks by shaking thrice daily. Reduce to 3 weeks by using high-proof grain neutral spirits (Everclear) and add water to bring to 100 proof.

25 oz Ramazzotti (1 bottle)
20 oz Orange tincture (2 1/2 cups)
3 oz Stirrings blood orange bitters (1/4 bottle)
8.5 oz Evian mineral water (1/4 liter)

Rest 1 week. Filter. Refrigerate.

Jamie quotes the recipe in 3x the above, making 6-7 bottles at a time. The historic Amer Picon was 39% ABV. As specified, Amer Boudreau is 31% ABV. If you omit the mineral water, the ABV is 36%. but the flavors may be a bit strong. If you substitute 100 proof vodka for the mineral water, the ABV is 38.5%.

Reference: Amer Picon, Spirits and Cocktails blog, Jamie Boudreau

Some popular cocktails containing Amer Boudreau

  • Nirvana — Rye, Amer Picon, Bénédictine, Maraschino Liqueur, Orange peel
  • Skinned Knee — Scotch, Sweet vermouth, Cherry Liqueur, Amer Picon, Lemon juice, Orange peel
  • Burnisher — Overproof bourbon, Navy strength rum, Curaçao, Amer Picon, Swedish Punsch, Orange peel
  • For All Of Us — Scotch, Amer Picon, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Lemon peel
  • Onyx — Virgin Islands Rum, Amer Picon, Balsamic Vinegar, Cherry syrup
  • Fire and Blood — Islands Scotch, Oloroso sherry, Amer Picon, Cherry Liqueur, Cayenne tincture, Blood Orange Juice, Cherry, Blood orange peel
  • Hookah — Gran Classico, Amer Picon, Bitters, Maple Canadian whisky, Salt, Orange peel


The original blog link has considerable discussion in the comments about the correct orange peel to use for the tincture. Jamie was sold what the salesperson told him was "Seville" orange peel (bitter orange, citrus x aurantium) but it turned out that it was not. Jamie then amended this to, "as stated before, you don’t want bitter or Seville orange peel. As stated before, you don’t want to dry your own." So a standard commercial dried orange peel (citrus x sinensis) is what should be used for his recipe.