1 oz Scotch (non-smokey)
1⁄2 oz Amer Picon, Amer Boudreau (Or other dry, bitter orange amaro)
1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish, if desired, or quality cherry)

Shake, strain, straight up, cocktail glass, garnish as desired


Ingredients used will inform garnish. The author's Amer Boudreau is 80 proof, dry, and bitter.


The Blood and Sand is named for the 1922 Rudy Valentino bullfighter movie of the same name. This version, originally posted on eGullet, has been scaled down to a more manageable 3 ounces.

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 7/22/2018
Created by
Dan Chadwick, Kindred Cocktails
Is the
author's original creation
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4 stars
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From other users
  • Cherry liqueur (I used Tattersall) brings out the plummy/pruny flavors of the Punt e Mes--reminded me of Pedro Ximenez sherry. — ★★★
  • Delicious. — ★★★★★
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Is there a typo in calling for an Islay here? The source uses Balvenie Golden Cask (a Speyside) and I doubt peat is wanted in this one.

I agree with the above comment about the Scotch - and took the above suggestion to use a Speyside. I used a Macallan 12 year, and I used my typical Picon substitute: 1/2 Torani and 1/2 CioCiaro. Used orange peel garnish. Comes together really, really well.

Curated this - OP cited a non smoky scotch at the link ;) Though I kinda want to try it with Uigeadail now. Thanks,  Zachary

Tried this one yesterday. Pretty good. Used a bad Cherry liqueur. It tasted very good nonetheless. Funny: I was searching on variations on the Blood and sand cocktail i thought to use the same ingredients ! But never tried it.   I am thinking in using Cherry juice or/ and maurin quina, and pierre Ferrand Curaçao.