Anisette is a clear, licorice flavored liqueur similar to absinthe or pastis, but flavored with aniseed instead of fennel, star anise, or other licorice-flavored herbs or spices. Typically, anisette is sweeter and lower proof than pastis - typically in the 30 to 40 proof range, though some producers make a dry version that is 50 to 70 proof. Like other anise flavored spirits, it louches in water. 

Like pastis, anisette came into being as a substitute for the banned absinthe. While it's made in many countries, anisette is associated with the Spanish-speaking world. Popular brands include Anis del Mono and Chinchon in Spain, Anis Najar in Peru, and Cartujo in Venezuela. 

Some popular cocktails containing Anisette