Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is a producer of Bourbon and other whisky based in Frankfort, Kentucky and owned by the Sazerac company. Like many distilleries in the United Stated, Buffalo Trace has a long, complex, and convoluted history. Distilling at the site began some time before 1773, but it wasn't until 1812 that Harrison Blanton built a proper place to distill whisky. In 1857, the distillery was modernized, and retrofit to use steam power.Edmund Taylor bought the distillery in 1870, and named it O.F.C. A short eight years later, he sold the OFC distillery and the Old Oscar Pepper distillery to George T. Stagg. 

As with most of the distilleries in the United States, Prohibition brought drastic changes to the market. The distillery was able to obtain a permit to make medicinal spirits, which meant it was one of four in the country to stay open. After Prohibition ended, Albert Blanton assumed control of the distillery, and brought it into the modern era. In 1992, the company was sold to the Sazerac company of Louisiana.

In 1999, the distillery was renamed Buffalo Trace, as it was thought that the site was used as a ford across the Kentucky River. A few months later, they introduced Buffalo Trace Bourbon. They also produce Ancient Age, Blanton's, Eagle Rare, Elmer T. Lee, George T. Stagg, Hancock's President's Reserve, Old Charter, McAfee's Benchmark, Rock Hill Farms, Van Winkle, W.L. Weller, Sazerac, and Thomas Handy whiskies, and Rain and CLIX vodkas. 

The Buffalo Trace distillery uses two mash bills (the blend of grains used to produce their whiskies): Mash Bill #1 is around 80% corn, with some rye and barley. The Buffalo Trace brand uses this mash bill. The second is a higher percentage of rye, with about 70% corn. Buffalo Trace is bottled at 90 proof.

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Some popular cocktails containing Buffalo Trace

  • Paper Airplane — Campari, Amaro Nonino, Bourbon, Lemon juice
  • Southern Goth — Scotch, Bourbon, Peach liqueur, Peach bitters, Lemon juice, Cynar 70, Honey syrup, Lemon
  • The Drink With No Name — Bourbon, Sweet vermouth, Amaro Nardini, Coffee bitters, Lemon peel
  • Colonel Carpano — Bourbon, Cynar, Sweet vermouth, Peychaud's Bitters, Orange peel
  • Conference — Calvados, Cognac, Bourbon, Rye, Bitters, Demerara syrup