George T. Stagg is a brand of [ingredient=bourbon Bourbon] made at the [ingredient=buffalo-trace Buffalo Trace] distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, and owned by the Sazerac Company. George T. Stagg is part of the Antique Collection, a set of limited production, barrel proof whiskies released once a year, usually in the Fall. 

George T. Stagg is named after one of the 19th century owners of what is now known as the Buffalo Trace distillery. It is aged for around 15 years, and is very high proof. Like Buffalo Trace, George T. Stagg uses Mash Bill #1 (a low rye grain bill). As it is released once a year, the proof changes, but George T. Stagg usually ranges between 129  (for the 2004 release) and 142.7 proof (from 2003). 


Some popular cocktails containing George T. Stagg