Lucid is a brand of absinthe developed in conjunction with absinthe historian Ted Breaux. The TTB finally approved Lucid on March 5th, 1997, making it was the first legal absinthe available for sale in the United States since its ban in 1915. Lucid is distilled at Domaine Combier in the Loire Valley, France. 

Lucid is made in the traditional method, using grande wormwood, green anise, sweet fennel and other botanicals macerated in alcohol and then distilled. Lucid uses no flavorant oils, no artificial colors, and no sugar in the finished product. Lucid is bottled at 144 proof.

Lucid does contain thujone, a mild hallucinogen. Most reports of hallucination due to drinking absinthe were sensationalized during the run-up to the banning of absinthe in the early 20th century -- you would die of alcohol poisoning long before you could ingest enough thujone to hallucinate. 

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