Martin Miller's is a brand of [ingredient=gin gin] made by the Reformed Spirits Company of London and invented in 1999 by Martin Miller with a style expert, antique guide publisher, concert promoter and hotel owner. Martin Miller's is stylistically between a London Dry gin and a softer Plymouth gin, though it is classified as a London Dry.

Martin Miller's gin is distilled in a pot still, then the botanicals are added, which include juniper, orange and lemon peel, licorice, coriander, orris root, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, and angelica. A second distillation takes place, then the high-proof spirit is shipped from London to Iceland, where it is diluted with glacial water down to proof for bottling.

Martin Miller's gin comes in two proofs:

  • 80 proof standard and
  • 90.4 proof "Westbourne Strength", which is more juniper forward and spicier. 

Martin Miller's Gin Website

Some popular cocktails containing Martin Miller's

  • The Fleet Street — Gin, Herbal liqueur, Bitters, Orange bitters, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Lemon peel
  • Marquee Cocktail — Gin, Aperol, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Sage, Salt
  • Clair de Lune — Gin, Sherry, Licor 43, Lime bitters, Maraschino Liqueur, Suze, Lemon peel
  • Snow — Absinthe, Gin, Bitters, Soda water, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Egg white, Mint, Lemon peel
  • Chocoloni — Vodka, Gin, Aperol, Sweet vermouth, Amontillado Sherry
  • Junior Ryan's Strega Sour — Gin, Strega, Bitters, Lemon juice, Honey syrup, Egg white
  • Petrucio Cocktail — Gin, Aperol, Islay Scotch
  • London Briar — Gin, Framboise, Maraschino Liqueur, Herbal liqueur, Lime juice
  • Gin And Chinotto — Gin, Chinotto, Orange
  • Amaro Amore — Gin, Aperol, Elderflower liqueur, Orange bitters, Orange peel