Pernod is a producer of pastis and absinthe based near the town of Pontalier in the south of France. Pernod was originally an absinthe distillery, founded in 1798 by a Major Dubied, who hired a distiller named Henri-Louis Pernod to make an absinthe based on the original Swiss recipe. 

By 1855, the grandsons of Henri-Louis were the leaders of absinthe production in France, riding the rising popularity of that spirit. As reports of absinthe's hallucinogenic properties became sensationalized at the turn of the 20th century, the backlash led to the banning of absinthe in most countries around the world. In 1915, the Pernod distillery shut down, reopening five years later as a pastis producer, an anise flavored liqueur made without wormwood, and bottled at 80 proof.

Pernod is golden in color, strongly anise flavored, and somewhat sweet. It is 80 proof. In 2007, the importation of absinthe into the United States became legal again, and Pernod began bringing in their original absinthe recipe, which is more green in color, contains wormwood, and is 138 proof. 

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