1⁄2 oz Strega (or Yellow Chartreuse)

Shake, strain, rocks, lowball glass


The apricot was originally in Armenia in ancient times. A complex, interesting Margarita variation.

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Posted by Dan on 11/08/2010
Created by
Dan Chadwick
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From other users
  • Dry and a little disappointingly like a normal margarita. Made w/ Strega. Yellow Chartreuse would be a very different drink.
  • Needs more body, less lime
  • A little scant on Apricot.
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mako commented on 12/17/2020:

I agree with the individual notes that this is a little heavy on the lime and light on the Apricot and/or Strega. As written up, the result is just not that different a "normal" margarita which is too bad, given the interesting other ingredients.

HallA commented on 8/01/2022:

I like this quite a bit. I used repo rather than anejo and I still felt the tequila is pretty muted so might try with blanco. I think the balance is pretty good, with yellow chartreuse they're subtle notes. I think maybe could take the lime down a little mostly to get some of the complexity of the gentian liqueur. Still, very pleasant.