Bad Seed

34 oz Aquavit, Linie
34 oz Amaro Abano, Luxardo
34 oz Cynar
34 oz Lemon juice
Shake (ok, stir if you want), strain, rocks
Created for the August 2010 Mixology Monday (MxMo) contest, entitled Brown, Bitter and Stirred
©2010 Kindred Cocktails
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Mixology Monday (MxMo) August 2010: Brown, Bitter and Stirred

This is my first entry in the intriguing Mixology Monday "monthly online cocktail party. Cocktail enthusiasts from around the world concoct a cocktail around a given theme, blog about them, and the all the blog entires are summarized. I don't have a blog, but I have a cocktail database, which think is even better.

Many of the past themes have been tempting, but when I saw one featuring bitter ingredients (such as various amari) and brown spirits, I couldn't deny myself the pleasure of an entry. I had been playing around with Luxardo Abano, a lesser known amaro with an intense bitter flavor, moderate sweetness, and a strong black pepper flavor. It plays very well with Cynar, the well-known artichoke-based amaro. I had tried various different base spirits when, during my daily bicycle ride, the inspiration of aquavit came to me. Caraway -- pepper -- artichoke. What could be bad?

I find some aquavit to taste like flavored paint thinner, but the excellent Linie Aquavit is very smooth, with little alcohol burn and a present but not overpowering caraway flavor. I could happily drink it neat or with an ice cube for a change of pace. As a bonus it has a lovely golden color -- close enough to the MxMo "brown".

I suppose that technically this drink should be shaken because it has lemon in it. Shaken, stirred, whatever, the cocktail has a complex bitter profile, with a lovely balance of each of the four ingredients. One of my better efforts. If you try it, feel free to create an account and post comments here.