1⁄2 oz Rye
1 rinse Espresso (FOAM Only (see picture; actual espresso to taste))

Stir well all in vessel containing espresso foam (make the shot(s) in something other than a demitasse) then shake on ice and strain in vessel of choice.


Luxardo cherry garnish optional, perhaps a coffee bean or two - for a real classy touch obtain raw coffee beans which are actually known as cherries. The Maraschino liqueur could be toned down or up. Any bitters can be used to accent and darken the cocktail particularly if limited foam rinse residue is available. Use care and caution, the oil is live and dissolves in the alcohol but resists the water percentages so stir well and strain well. Additionally as much actual espresso can be used with the foam as is desired.


A 'rinse' measure is gimmicky and sounds cool to the laity but in reality is little more than a showy way to measure a little liquid. However, this is not the case with espresso foam. Any decent espresso has a thick, oily foam left over, particularly if it is barely stirred after the pull. In this case then a 'rinse' isn't a measure as much as it is a separation method for an essential oil. Thus the 'rinse' is eminently useful and indeed critical rather than just a way to limit the amount of an ingredient. It is suggested to savor the morning (or afternoon!) espresso(s) but do so leaving the foam (yes, to the detriment of those shot(s)) for the evening when the then dried foam can be brought to life for cocktailing. Obviously a just-enjoyed shot or two of espresso foam could be used immediately - morning, noon, or night!

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Picture of Black Cherry
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J., 'Bar, One, Too', Virginia
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  • Great stirred-like espresso cocktail
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