2 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100
1 oz Grapefruit juice
1 t Raspberry syrup
Shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass, drop small amount of raspberry syrup to settle on the bottom of the glass
First appears in print in the 1934 "The Official Mixers Manual" by Patrick Gavin Duffy
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  • 11/25/13 — ☆☆☆☆
  • The original is incredibly dry (2★). The PDT version is palatable (3★). — ☆☆
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I do like the PDT version,

I do like the PDT version, but if no preserves I use the original recipe and up the raspberry syrup to 1/2 oz. I enjoy this more than the Brown Derby which I felt was lacking something....

I suspect that grapefruit

I suspect that grapefruit juice in 1930 was quite a bit more tart than today. The sugar probably needs to be adjusted down, and certainly would be if using sweet grapefruits like ruby or pink. Tart white grapefruit would be more authentic, I think.

I liked this a lot. I only

I liked this a lot. I only had a raspberry liqueur (Flag Hill Winery, Lee, NH) instead of raspberry syrup, but that shouldn't have upset things much since it was a secondary ingredient. It helps that Rittenhouse 100 is fantastic and that I'm a sucker for fresh grapefruit juice. I only got the raspberry in the back end when I was rehashing the drink on my tongue so I'm curious what this would be like with grenadine. Our concern with using grenadine was that we weren't sure if the original creators of the drink used REAL grenadine (reduced pomegranate juice with some added sugar which is the only grenadine we allow in our house) opposed to the artificial stuff out there, like Rose's. I'd like to try it again with our homemade grenadine, but I still give a thumbs up to the version I had.

I just re-read that and feel like I come across as a snob. I'm not! Just hate that people could be drinking so much better with such little effort.