1 1⁄2 oz Aquavit, Krogstad
1⁄2 oz Amaro Nardini
1⁄2 oz Campari
1 bsp Fernet Vallet
1 twst Orange peel (swath)
1 twst Grapefruit peel (swath)

Stir, strain into old fashioned glass with a large cube or sphere. Garnish with peel swaths, arranged in a V shape like wings.


Recipe is tuned for Krogstad Aquavit, which isn't nearly as caraway heavy as some other aquavit I've had. If using another brand, you may want to split the aquavit with vodka.


Riff on the "Host Body" posted here at KC. Loved the combo of East India Sherry, Nardini & Campari and wanted to use it in a more savory drink.

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Simplified as just (Aalborg) Aquavit, Sherry, and (1oz) Campari with dash Ramazzotti and blood orange slice, and found very enjoyable.

Didn't have Krogstad, but this worked well with Skiklubben from Tamworth NH Distillery