Coquito (Simple)

1 12 oz Añejo rum
34 oz Coconut milk
34 oz Cinnamon syrup
1 ds Bitters
1 pn Cinnamon (as garnish)
Shake, strain, rocks, garnish with a pinch of powdered cinnamon and a cinnamon stick.
Simple take on the Puerto Rican holiday tipple. Good rum combo: 1/2 oz Smith & Cross, 1 1/4 vanilla/coconut-heavy PR or Barbados rum (e.g. Plantation 5), 1/4 oz Cruzan Blackstrap.
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This is delicious. I assumed

This is delicious. I assumed the creator meant 3/4 oz of Planation 5 and not the 1 1/4 oz shown in the notes, which would require the drink have 2 oz of rum.