1 oz Mastika (Skinos)
1⁄2 oz Grappa (Nardini 60%)
1⁄2 oz Cuban rum, Havana Club 3
1⁄2 oz Beer Syrup
1⁄4 oz Yuzu juice

Shake, strain, coupe.


Beer syrup: Lager or pils beer kind (or not...maybe ipa could be funky)+ Same part sugar. Water bath (no need to heat, just warm water). Bottle.
It's pretty stable, mine has 6 months at least.
It imparts apple kind of flavor and a bit of acidity.
High proof grappa brings white chocolate.


Just came back from Greek islands.
And bought first bottle of Mastika as well as metaxa 5.

The drink is tropical and very sour.
Mastika and pineapple mix well together.
Maybe Mastika could be increased by 1/4 or more.

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