1 1⁄2 oz Gin, Beefeater
1 oz Simple syrup (Rose hip syrup: 1:1 simple equivalent)
3⁄4 oz Apple cider vinegar (Rose hip infused vinegar)
3 oz Seltzer water (I used carbonated mineral water)

Stir and strain or build on rocks. Top with carbonated water.


Floribunda: A rose shrub

For rose hip vinegar: Carefully clean any thorns from hips and trim tops/bottoms. Pierce each several times with an needle. Place in bottle and top with vinegar and leave in dark for a month agitating periodically. I used white wine vinegar but cider vinegar would be better for this.

For rose hip syrup: carefully remove small thorns that may be caught on hips. Trim top and bottom. Pulse in a blender. Place in saucepan, cover with water, simmer for 15-30 min. Filter out hips and make into 1:1 sugar syrup. Strain with strainer then through coffee filters. Store in refrigerator.

Caution! Wear gloves when harvesting and handling rose hips! Even small thorns can cause a staph infection. Seeds in rose hips contain irritating fibers.

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  • Would be very nice on a hot day. Cider vinegar would be better than white wine vinegar for making rose hip shrub.
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