Food for Thought

1 oz Aquavit
1 oz Gin, North Shore #6
34 oz Lillet Rouge (Infused - see note)
14 oz Jasmine Liqueur, Fruit Lab Theia
14 oz Maraschino Liqueur, Luxardo
Stir. Serve up in a cocktail glass. Garnished with a cherry dropped in the glass.
To make the Lillet infusion, take 12 oz Lillet, 12 oz Aperol and 4 oz Averna and steep the peels of 4 oranges and one grapefruit for 48 hours. Strain and chill.
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Curated slightly - changed

Curated slightly - changed Sweet Vermouth to homemade (can you give us an idea of what base you start with and how you infuse it?), corrected spelling of Jasmine liqueur - is this Fruit Lab's Theia?

The vermouth is a infusion of

The vermouth is a infusion of 12oz Lillet Rouge 12 oz of Aperol 4oz Averna steeped with the zest of 4 oranges and one grapfruit for 48 hours. It is the Theia