1 12 oz Aperol (or Campari, plus)
12 oz Lime juice (frozen into a cube)
1 12 oz Gin
14 oz Lime juice
1 12 oz Tonic water (chilled)
In advance, freeze Aperol and 1/2oz lime juice. Shake gin and 1/4oz lime juice, strain into lowball glass, add tonic, stir gently, add cube, serve with straw or spoon for imbiber to use to break up cube.
Beautiful, especially before it the cube melts much. It is the reverse of the usual cocktail -- a clear drink with a colored cube. The drink evolves nicely, and maintains a good sugar balance.
Created before I realized Todd Maul of Clio, Boston, MA was doing the same thing. Posted on Mixoloseum's Thursday Drink Night, 6/9/2011.
From other users
  • Starts as a straightforward Gin and Tonic, but the bitter orange flavor evolves. Sunny and fun. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Better in theory than in practice in my experience. Due to the alcohol content my ice didn't freeze very solid, so it clouded up the drink as soon as added. Tasty enough but not pretty. — ☆☆☆
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Very fun and a

Very fun and a conversation-starter for guests. Unsurprisingly delicious with gin. I made a version with mezcal and called it an Axolotl, after a Mexican salamander that exhibits neoteny (the property of only maturing if certain conditions are met, say if an ice cube warms enough to dilute a drink with Aperol).