Maharajah's Burra-Peg

This Burra-Peg is to the ordinary Champagne Cocktail what Helen of Troy was to a local shepherd maiden
3 oz Cognac (well chilled)
1 cube Sugar
4 ds Bitters, Angostura
10 oz Champagne (dry)
1 twst Lime peel
In a large chilled glass (14-16 oz) pour in cognac, drop in lump of sugar doused in Angostura, fill up with dry champagne and garnish with lime peel
Burra in Hindi means "big" or "important", Peg in Britaindom means a "drink" - more often than not a scotch and soda. If you haven't notice yet, this is a huge drink. I have left the original proportions called for by Baker, but think that halving it would do one well, if you are the professional drinker that Baker and his friends obviously were.
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