2 oz Tequila
1⁄2 oz Campari

Shake, strain, rocks or up, salt optional


I was at a high-end restaurant whose drink menu was a bit thin in the "interesting" drink department. They had a Gin / Campari ./ Triple Sec "Martini" (yes, sigh), but as I had been drinking a lot of those ingredients, I focused on the Strawberry Margarita with fresh puree. Thinking the roughness of the tequila would work with the bitter of Campari, I substituted Campari for the berries

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Posted by Dan on 7/17/2010
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Dan Chadwick
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From other users
  • 3/4 oz lime is good
  • Cut the lime to .75oz, upped Campari to .75oz. Served on the rocks, with a generous pinch of salt and 10 drops of absinthe. The absinthe was a very nice addition - might try mixing some directly into the drink next time.
  • Delicious sour. Simple and refreshing. Overwhelms the tequila just a bit. Conceivably could benefit from one other note.
  • A nice introduction to the charms of Campari. Pretty pink color, too. — ★★★★★
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This is brilliant! I can't believe that nobody else (including myself, since I love Campari) came up with the idea of adding Campari to a Margarita. And the weird thing is that it does seem to have a hint of strawberry in the flavor ...