Shake rum, canton, licor 43, bitters and half a strawberry w/ ice, strain and pour into an ice ball filled 12oz chalice. Garnish w/ half a sliced strawberry


This started as a fernet branca experiment and ended up going in a completely different, tiki-esque direction. Very tasty and only mildly heady

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  • Use 0.75 oz lime per prior comments, which seemed well-balanced. Subbed Ms. Betters Pineapple & Star Anise bitters for the Burlesque (which I didn't have) and it worked well.
  • Muddled the strawberry & used Aged rum; substituted dram citrus bitters & crude tiki bitters. — ★★★★★
  • A bit too tart.
  • Rum- bitter, sour
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Good, but I noted others concerns about the amount of sour, shared the sentiment, and used 5/8 to 3/4 oz of lime juice to balance it, which worked much better than I anticipated. I am leaning toward rating 3.5/5 but will round up. The only other sub was Bitter Truth Grapefruit bitters. I shook this one *hard* to muddle the ripe sliced strawberry, and was rewarded with a peachy pink drink--unlike the photo which is disturbingly absent of color. The funky rich molasses of the rum was the dominant flavor, but the ginger, vanilla, lime sour, grapefruit bitter, spices, and strawberry all came through. I chose to forego the big ice sphere, and that helps since the flavor becomes more intense as the drink warms. Overly chilled sour cocktails bury the flavors of the ingredients, while the acidity comes through without being moderated by the sugar as much as one would expect.