1 oz Maple syrup
1 sli Jalapeño

Prepare salt-rimmed glass, muddle jalepeno slice in the glass.
Shake remaining ingredients on ice, serve in prepared glass , with or without ice


The maple syrup is not dominant in this cocktail.


Sadly, the Rye Restaurant in S.Williamsburg NY is no more, but they had a great cocktail list and a wonderful brunch. You've got to love a place where they gladly provide cocktail recipes when asked!

Cocktail summary
Created by
Rye Restaurant, S. Williamsburg NY.
Possibly created by owner/chef Cal Elliott??
Is an
authentic recipe

Recipe is not here! Just some nice images to pay homage to this great restaurant

5 stars
5 stars
(4 ratings)
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  • One of our house cocktails — ★★★★★
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Sorry--recipe should read "with or without salt rim", not "with or without ice". plandll