Old Dutchman

2 oz Bourbon
4 dr Blackstrap Bitters, Bittercube
2 t Maple syrup
1 oz Red Birch Beer (*)
1 spg Cinnamon stick
1   Brandied cherry
Stir bourbon, maple syrup & bitters with ice until cold. Strain into a rocks glass with a king cube, top with birch beer and garnish
*you can be heavier or lighter with the birch beer depending on the spiciness of your bourbon
Birch Beer seems to be a dying soft drink outside of Pennsylvania and a few places in New England, but its old-world, teaberry flavor keeps bringing me back to it as a mixer
2011 Kindred Cocktails
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DrunkLab's picture

Birch beer is delicious and

Birch beer is delicious and the examples I've had tend to be less sweet and more forest-y than root beer. Good idea for a cocktail ingredient.

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I've actually been debating

I've actually been debating making a birch beer syrup or tincture because the soda's been so hard to get in the Midwest. I'll post if it turns out