...In a Pear Tree

1 34 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
34 oz Pear liqueur, St. George (Spiced)
14 oz Pear liqueur, Rothman & Winter
12 oz Amaro Meletti
1 rinse Allspice Dram, Bitter Truth
Stir, strain into coupe or Nick & Nora glass. I typically don't garnish this, but you could do a dehydrated pear slice or pear fan if you're feeling fancy.
The St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur is quite dry with a nice underpinning of holiday baking spices, and the Rothman is sweeter but quite earthy, so this is a nice combination of pear flavors. If you want something more boozy, split the dry vermouth base with cognac.
Was working on Chrysanthemum riffs to use up a bunch of open dry vermouth (and low ABV cocktails are not really my jam), but I was pleasantly surprised how flexible the base recipe is for experimentation and with this pear forward, autumn/winter riff in particular.
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