1 oz Gin, St. George Dry Rye
1⁄2 oz Ramazzotti
1⁄4 oz Zucca
3⁄4 oz Cranberry syrup
1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
1 spg Mint (as garnish)
1 ds Eau de vie of Douglas Fir (aromatic spritz on mint, as garnish)

Build in glass, topping with crushed ice, and garnish with a Douglas Fir-scented mint sprig and two cranberries. Serve with straws.

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The Library Bar at The Nomad Hotel, NYC.
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authentic recipe
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Tucker commented on 12/07/2015:

Based on ingredients on hand, omitted the eau de vie spritzed mint sprig, but substituted St. George Terroir gin to add some fir/forest essence.  Also substituted a few dashes of rhubarb bitters for the Zucca.  Fantastic holiday cocktail.