Super Id

for the end of the night before or beginning of the day after
12 oz Fernet Branca
12 oz Crème de Noyaux
12 oz Campari
Swirl the triumvirate in a snifter, enjoy slowly.
First made sometime in February, 2012, this drink is for the end of the night, after a few night caps of lesser brace...when you really can't stay awake nor go to sleep.
From other users
  • we liked it. Norm made a variation with gin...more like a negroni and using less fernet
  • Weird, and quasi-medicinal but good, albeit intense, if you are in a serious digestif kind of mood. — ☆☆☆☆


Made with Fernet Vallet

Made with Fernet Vallet rather than Branca (having previously made with Branca.) I think Vallet is a big improvement for this drink, such that it tastes like more than, well, just Branca.

Way to sweet as is. Agree the

Way to sweet as is. Agree the flavors play well together. I made it a highball, adding 1-2oz of soda water and just a tiny splash of lemon. It made it to an aperitif with a similar flavor profile, still another drink than above.

Can noyaux be replaced by

Can noyaux be replaced by amaretto (do not think so but never had noyaux, a shame since i am in France...) or a mix of amaretto and  a maraschino liqueur with strong pit forward ? In order to bring down amaretto ...