Turkish Coffee

A boozy homage to one of my favorite coffee drinks
1 12 oz Dark rum (espresso bean infused)
12 oz Virgin Islands Rum, Cruzan Blackstrap
34 oz Coffee liqueur
12 oz Cynar
1 ds Cardamom bitters, Scrappy's
Stirred, strained into a single old fashioned glass. No ice or garnish. Do 1 or 2 dashes of the strongly flavored Scrappy's cardamom bitters depending on how heavy your dash is as well as to taste.
I am an unabashed fan of strong, bitter coffee flavors, and this is a boozy homage to one of my favorite drinks. For the coffee infused rum, infuse 8 oz of dark rum with 1 oz coffee beans for 24 hours. I used El Dorado 8 Year Demerara rum and Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso. Excepting perhaps Bittermens NOLA Coffee Liqueur, I've rarely had a coffee liqueur that has enough coffee strength and bitterness to my liking. I used Coffee Heering for it's high 70 proof, and infuse it for a few days with additional coffee beans.
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