Widow's Kiss

1 12 oz Apple brandy, Lairds (or Applejack)
34 oz Yellow Chartreuse
34 oz Bénédictine
3 ds Bitters, Angostura
Shake (yes, shake, to dilute and soften), stain, straight up, cocktail glass, no garnish
Extremely sweet as written. Consider reducing to 2 : 1/4 : 1/4 or adding lemon.
From other users
  • PDT version of this drink calls for 2 oz Lairds Bonded Apple Brandy (not Applejack), .25 oz Yellow Chartreuse, .25 oz Benedictine, and 2 ds Ango; Stir, strain, coupe. — ☆☆☆
  • A little too sweet. Will try the PDT version next. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Tried with 1/4 oz. Ben. and 1/4 of each Char. Try with Calvados. Suggestion of adding lemon juice Death and Co. does variation with 1 oz each of rye and apple brandy, 1/4 oz each y chart and ben., 1 dsh bitters — ☆☆☆
  • I stirred this, which worked very well. The spice is quite nice. — ☆☆☆☆☆
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This one of those classic

This one of those classic cocktails that requires some refinement for modern tastes. PDT version of 2oz, 1/4 oz, 1/4 oz is a fine ratio. While a decent 3 stars I like Christina's addition of lemon juice. I used about a tsp of lemon juice and used a 1/2 oz Benedictine based off the PDT version. It helped bridge the herbacous apple profile.

It is a much better drink

It is a much better drink with Calvados, in my opinion. We always use Calvados -- with the same 2:1:1 ratios as the original recipe.