Yacht Rock

1 12 oz Coconut milk
1 12 oz Orange juice
1 oz Pisco, Campo de Encanto
12 oz Campari (or Aperol)
14 oz Galliano
2 dr Orange flower water
1 dr Vanilla extract
1 ds Orange cream citrate, Bittermens
Blend with ice, serve in a hurricane glass with a straw, garnish with an umbrella through an orange wheel and two brandied cherries. Throw on some Michael McDonald and enjoy.
What a fool believes, he sees.
A tribute to the much maligned heyday of the frozen drink, the 70s, and its signature cocktails the Piña Colada, the Painkiller, and the Harvey Wallbanger. The coconut, orange juice, orange blossom water, Galliano, and vanilla extract create an orange creamsicle flavor, rounded out by the citrate and deepened by the Campari. Finalist in About.com's frozen cocktail contest.
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