Applejack is an [ingredient=apple-brandy apple brandy] based spirit made in the United States, primarily by the Laird Company. Historically made by freeze concentration of hard apple cider and not fractional distillation, applejack is now made by blending neutral spirits with apple brandy to make a lightly apple flavored spirit that is 80 proof. 

Laird & Company is based in Scobyville, New Jersey and was the first commercial distiller in the United States, with Distiller's License #1 dated to 1780. They still make a version of applejack through the modern process. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Applejack

  • Color in Your Cheeks — Fernet Branca, Applejack, Lemon juice, Grade A dark amber maple syrup, Egg white, Apple
  • The Dandy Brandy Smash — Applejack, Cognac VSOP, Simple syrup, Egg white, Mint, Lemon
  • Pear of Jacks — Rye, Applejack, Orange bitters, Pear Shrub, Demerara syrup
  • American Trilogy — Applejack, Rye, Orange bitters, Grade A dark amber maple syrup, Orange peel
  • Viking's Cup — Gran Classico, Aromatized wine, Aquavit, Applejack, Bitters
  • Woxum — Applejack, Sweet vermouth, Herbal liqueur
  • Leap Day 2024 — Bourbon, Applejack, Apricot liqueur, Amaro Montenegro, Cherry
  • Lafayette — Applejack, Byrrh, Dry vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Orange bitters
  • Absolution — Bénédictine, Maraschino Liqueur, Applejack, Absinthe, Lemon juice
  • Smoked Jack Rabbit — Applejack, Islay Scotch, Lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup, Orange cream citrate, Kosher Salt
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