Boker's Bitters is a vintage [ingredient=bitters cocktail bitters], invented by Johann Boker in 1828. Production of Boker's Bitters ceased during Prohibition, but the formula has been recreated and reintroduced by Adam Elmegirab in August 2009. 

Featuring seven different botanicals including orange peel, catechu, quassia bark, cardamom, and mallow flowers. It is 62 proof, and smells and tastes of pine, coffee bean and citrus. It is fairly bitter, with a long, intricate finish. 

Some popular cocktails containing Boker's

  • Beach & Panorama — Gin, White chocolate liqueur, Herbal liqueur, Falernum, Bitters, Lime juice, Mint, Blueberry
  • Cargo Cult — Jamaican rum, Licor 43, Allspice Dram, Bitters, Guava juice, Coconut cream, Lime juice
  • Herbaceous Apple Sour — Calvados, Herbal liqueur, Bitters, Lime juice, Orgeat
  • Burning Times — Gin, Strega, Fernet Branca, Bitters, Lemon peel
  • Martinez — Old Tom Gin, Sweet vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Hunky Dory — Rye, Cynar, Braulio, Herbal liqueur, Bitters, Lemon peel
  • The Night Shining — Rum, Kummel, Campari, Bitters, Lemon peel
  • Simmer and Smoke — Bourbon, Corn Whiskey, Cynar, Sweet vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitters, Simple syrup
  • Gladstone — Rye, Aquavit, Maraschino Liqueur, Absinthe, Jamaican rum, Bitters, Gomme syrup
  • Genever? I Hardly Know 'Er! — Genever, Drambuie, Bitters, Lavender bitters, Tea, Lemon peel, Clove
Brandy Crusta featuring Boker's Bitters
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