Clément is a rum producer based on the French island of Martinique. Founded in 1887 by Homere Clément, who brought classical cognac distilling techniques to the production of rum, and is considered the first producer of rhum agricole. 

Rhum agricole is made from sugar cane juice, instead of the byproducts of sugar production like molasses or cane syrup. 

Clément rhums have been granted Appelation d'Origine Controlee Martinique status by the French government. 

The Clément line is broad and high quality. Their production includes a white rhum, Premier Canne, an amber rhum called VSOP, which is aged for one year in small French oak, then in recharred, used Bourbon barrels for three years. Moving up a step is the Cuvee Homere Clément, a blend of old vintage rhums. At the top of their production is an XO rhum, which is a blend of vintages 1976, 1970, and 1952. 

Clément is also famous for a spiced orange liqueur called Créole Shrubb, which is a blend of white and aged rhums, "Créole spices", and orange peels. These flavorings are macerated in the base spirit, then filled into a barrel and topped off with cane syrup to age. 

Some popular cocktails containing Clément

  • The Sandcastle — Rum, Martinique Rum, Falernum, Pisco, Peychaud's Bitters, Watermelon juice, Lime juice
  • Pay Day — Orange liqueur, Rhum Agricole, Elderflower liqueur, Ginger beer, Simple syrup, Strawberry, Lime
  • Fay Wray — Crème de Banane, Cognac, Haitian Rum, Martinique Rum, Lime juice, Demerara syrup, Mint, Lime, Banana
  • El Capitan — Barbados Rum, Bianco Vermouth, Rhum Agricole, Crème de Banane, Curaçao, Orange bitters
  • Caribbean Royale — Martinique Rum, Fino sherry, Crème de Banane