Pisse Tafia

A corsair Tiki drink inspired by the legendary corsaires of Saint Malo with the best ingredients from Brittany and West Indies.
1 12 oz Martinique Rum, Clément (Blanc Première canne)
12 oz Herbal liqueur (Élixir d'Armorique Warenghem)
1 oz Cider (Fermier brut)
34 oz Lime juice
12 oz Cane syrup
3 ds Bitters, Dale DeGroff's Pimento Bitters
Shake with ice, strain, serve in a Tiki mug. Garnish with dried pimento (ed. note - aka allspice) and apple.
Substitute for Elixir d'Armorique: Yellow Chartreuse. Optional: a float of Lambig (Calvados) to make the drink stronger.
"Tafia" is an old word for rum in French, an inferior rum made especially from molasses or distilled sugarcane juice in the West Indies. Pisse tafia was the nickname of a corsair.
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