3⁄4 oz Navy strength rum, Smith & Cross
3⁄4 oz Herbal liqueur, Green Chartreuse
3⁄4 oz Lime juice

Shake; strain; up.


Last Word variant. Named by Frederic at Cocktail Virgin.

Cocktail summary
Picture of Final Voyage
Created by
Ryan Lotz and Brendan Pratt, Lineage, Brookline, Massachusetts (USA)
Is an
authentic recipe
Not yet rated
3.5 stars
(14 ratings)
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From other users
  • Tastes and goods as it sounds like it will. Fruity and balanced. — ★★★★
  • Must try — ★★★
  • Tropical-ish Last Word variation. Delicious and accessible. — ★★★★
  • A bit sweet but otherwise the balance works well, each ingredient having a presence in different parts of the sip. — ★★★★
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