Cranberry bitters are a type of [ingredient=bitters cocktail bitters] with the predominant flavor of cranberries, which lend a tart, red fruit tone to cocktails. Sweetgrass Farm is one producer of cranberry bitters. 

Some popular cocktails containing Cranberry bitters

  • Whoville Sling — Bourbon, Cranberry bitters, Soda water, Cranberry shrub, Lime juice
  • Neyah's White Manhattan, Tweaked — White whiskey, Dry vermouth, Bénédictine, Orange bitters, Cranberry bitters
  • The Sherbet Fountain — Rye, Absinthe, Cranberry bitters, Sugar, Ginger syrup, Lemon juice
  • Holiday Bitterness — Cranberry Vodka, Campari, Ginger liqueur, Cranberry bitters, Orange
  • Killer Cocktail — Amaretto, Gin, Campari, Cranberry bitters, Lemon juice, Passion fruit syrup, Lemon peel
  • Villa Riviera — Cachaça, Aromatized wine, Amaro, Cranberry bitters, Absinthe
  • Pig Cheeks Clive — Cognac, Crème de Violette, Campari, Cranberry bitters, Raspberry, Lime juice
  • Christmas in Prison — Apple brandy, Virgin Islands Rum, Palo Cortado Sherry, Cranberry bitters, Cinnamon syrup, Maple syrup, Orange peel
  • Cantil Moonbeam — Rye, Applejack, Sweet vermouth, Cranberry bitters, Apple cider
  • Cranberry Beret — Apple brandy, Aperol, Cranberry bitters, Apple cider, CioCiaro, Orange, Orange peel, Cranberry