Neyah's White Manhattan, Tweaked

Starting with a great recipe from Neyah White and doing tweaks.
2 oz White whiskey, Bully Boy (Tasty organic white whiskey made in Boston from wheat with rye notes)
1 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin (A softer, fruit-friendly vermouth for mixing)
14 oz Bénédictine
1 ds Orange bitters, Angostura orange (YMMV)
1 ds Cranberry bitters, Sweetgrass Farm Cranberry (Some local New England flavor)
Combine in mixing glass over ice, stir for 30 secs, strain into chilled coupe.
Neyah's original recipe gave me ideas on what to tweak for my taste. Check his and mine out, enjoy white whiskey either way.
Changeups on Neyah White's original recipe
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