Gosling's is a brand of [ingredient=rum rum] made on the island of Bermuda. Founded in 1857 by the sons of Ambrose Gosling. After years of trial and error, they came up with the formulation for Black Seal rum, though it was only after World War I that Black Seal was sold in reclaimed Champagne bottles sealed with black wax.

Gosling's makes a line of rums made from blending distillate from both pot and continuous stills: Gold, Black Seal (a dark rum), and Old Family Reserve, aged for an extended period in barrel. 

Gosling's also makes a brand of Ginger Beer (for the Dark and Stormy, a cocktail they created) and premade Rum Swizzle. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Gosling's

Gosling's 151 Proof Black Seal Rum
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