Cubo-Amaro Mule

My take on RPM's much better (adult) Italian Soda, the Milano Mule
1 12 oz Cynar
1 12 oz Averna
4 dr Bolivar Bitters, Bittercube
5 oz Ginger beer, Gosling's
Add Cynar and Amaro to an ice filled tall glass (~16oz). Top with ginger beer, gently stir, and garnish with bitters
This drink has a wonderful tartness and herbal bitterness that play nicely with the spice and sweet attributed to ginger beers.
I had a similar cocktail for the first time at RPM Chicago and loved the really bright flavor profile their Milano Mule had. As an aficionado of Gin based mules I was excited to see a variation that had a real original twist. I wanted to improve the profile of the drink a little bit, and I'm very happy with the results
From other users
  • Used Woodford Reserve cherry bitters instead, tasted like a bitter cherry coke
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