Warsaw Mule

Related to the Moscow Mule
2 oz Falernum
2 oz Vodka
2 oz Ginger beer, Gosling's
1 wdg Lime
Use potato vodka ONLY, preferably Chopin.
Similar cocktails
  • Imperial Buck — Virgin Islands Rum, Ginger beer, Pineapple juice, Lime juice
  • Agony & Ecstasy — Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Ginger beer, Grapefruit juice, Chipotle pepper sauce, Grapefruit peel
  • Summer Sunset Cooler — Citrus vodka, Ginger ale, Passion fruit syrup, Cranberry juice
  • Melonette Mule — Light rum, Bitters, Ginger beer, Kiwi, Orange peel

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Zachary Pearson's picture

Hmm.... which Falernum do you

Hmm.... which Falernum do you like here? I'd imagine that it'd need to be shaken to dissolve the stuff. Would the instructions be shake, pour into a copper mug, top with ginger beer and garnish?