Hayman's is a brand of Old Tom gin made by the Hayman Distillery in London. Originally founded by James Burrough in the 1800's, Hayman's is run today by James' great grandson, Christopher Hayman. 

Hayman's Old Tom is a botanical-heavy, lightly sweetened gin, with between 2 and 3 percent sugar added. Originally there to disguise poor distilling methods, sugar softens the spirit in a way that allows the piney character of juniper to come through. 

Hayman's Old Tom is clear, with a complex aromatic profile of juniper, citrus, cardamom, and orris. Due to the sugar, the mouthfeel is heavy and oily, but citrus and juniper flavors punch through nicely. Hayman's Old Tom is 80 proof, and imported by Haus Alpenz.

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