1⁄4 oz Amaro dell'Erborista
1⁄4 oz Allspice Dram

Stirred with ice; coupé glass; twist a lemon peel over it.


It's also good with bourbon instead of the gin (I'd suggest Elijah Craig 12), but then you lose the interesting pale mossy green color.


I was curious if anything here had pimento dram and crème de violette in it. After I found nothing, I thought "I wonder how many other herbal/flowery things I could slam together in a glass..." The Amaro dell'Erborista was easily my choice for an amaro as it's the most herbaceous (to me). I wonder how this would be with Zirbenz...

Cocktail summary
Picture of A Forest
2014 Saga Söderback
Posted by laerm on 12/02/2014
Created by
Saga Söderback, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Is the
author's original creation
Not yet rated
4.5 stars
(7 ratings)
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Very unique, but I had the wrong Erborista... Also, the pic seems odd considering the Creme de violette and dram.

A drink made with Hamilton pimento dram might look like that. Agreed that the CdV is a surprise, though.

laerm commented on 11/21/2021:

Hi all –

Regarding a question in the comments here: my allspice dram and CdV were homemade so that may explain the surprising translucence of this drink.

@noksagt You are correct, an email with the OP confirmed "author's original creation" is right.
I'll probably stir this rather than shake when I try it. Cheers!