2 oz Gin, St. George Botanivore (Originally Castle & Key .)
3⁄4 oz Bruto Americano, St. George
1⁄8 oz Herbal liqueur, Jeppson's Malort
3⁄4 oz Rose liqueur, Combier

Stir, strain into rocks glass with large ice cub, garnish with orange peel rosette (optional), serve.


Noticeable rose, soft herbal, vegetal notes, good mouthfeel, moderate licorice, protracted gentian bitterness. Note: It is difficult to find a substitute for Gammel Dansk (original). In this case, instead of 1 oz Gammel Dansk, I suggest 3/4 oz Bruto Americano, 1/8 oz Malört and 1/8 oz Underberg's bitters.


This began as a way to use up extra Rose liqueur. The best bitter found on my shelf to stand up against and blend with Combier Rose was Gammel Dansk, imported from a duty-free shop in Scandinavia.

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