Murray Stenson
Courtesy Murray Stenson, MurrayAid

Murray Stenson, Seattle's well-known and highly-regarded bartender (Zig Zag Café, Canon, 2010 "American Bartender of the Year") has a heart condition that will require an expensive surgery to allow him to return to work. Like many bartenders, he lacks health insurance. While we have not had the pleasure of visiting Murray in Seattle, we have certainly enjoyed some of his recipes and have heard tales of his hospitality.

Yes, the alcohol industry is gigantic: $70 billion wholesale in the US alone. Yet the craft cocktail family is small. Please join Kindred Cocktails in helping Murray through this difficult time. An online fund, MurrayAid has been established to help raise funds for Murray's operation and other medical expenses. You can also follow the project on the MurrayAid Facebook page.

-- Dan and Zachary