1 1⁄2 oz Amer Picon
1 oz Grenadine (or a little less)
2 oz Club soda (Top)
1⁄4 t Bitters, Angostura

Shake Amer Picon, Egg White and Grenedine, pour into an ice filled 'goblet' top off with club soda. Add angostura and stir.

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Posted by rwilde on 2/20/2012
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Recipe was in a Bar-Log of an editor staying on the French Rivera
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unknown authenticity

The Gentleman's Companion, vol. 2 by Charles H. Baker, Jr. (1939)

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Dan commented on 2/20/2012:

Quite interesting because of its large amount of bitters. This is another of a small number of drinks from this era using it in more-than-a-dash quantities.

This is pretty tasty.

Note (re. the previous ~5 yr-old comment) that 1/4 tsp is actually less than 2 modern dashes of the product.