American Beauty

34 oz Cognac
34 oz Dry vermouth
34 oz Orange juice
12 oz Ruby Port
2 ds Grenadine
1 ds Green Crème de Menthe
Combine all ingredients except the port, shake with ice, strain. Garnish with a rose petal.
Recipe is written as published; I prefer to use Tawny Port though the drink loses some of its red color
In The Savoy, this is a 1/4 part drink: OJ, Grenadine, French Vermouth, Brandy, with a dash of creme de menthe and a "little port wine" to top.
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Curated this slightly - This

Curated this slightly - This appears in Embury and in the Savoy. It has the feel of a Prohibition-era drink: sweet, with a lot of orange juice. I can't wrap my brain around OJ, and Port and creme de menthe...  Thanks,  Zachary

It is a bit sweet as written

It is a bit sweet as written but using just squeezed fresh OJ, homemade grendadine and tawny port moderates the sweetness to a good degree.