1 1⁄2 oz Rye
1⁄2 oz Bourbon
1⁄2 oz Cynar
1⁄4 oz Fernet Branca

Combine ingredients with ice, stir. Strain into a cocktail coupe.

Cocktail summary
Posted by DrSid on 11/18/2016
Created by
Christopher Flett, Pourhouse, Vancouver
Is an
authentic recipe
Not yet rated
4 stars
(20 ratings)
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From other users
  • This is a great base for experimenting...think it could use a dash of embitterment chocolate bitters or a garnish to tie it together
  • The black pepper + mint + sweet funk of maraschino is an interestingly strange mix.
  • Light on the Maraschino. otherwise as is. *try with X-cho bitters.
  • Made with Rittenhouse 100 proof and Bulleit bourbon. Boozy, spicy, minty.
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As I approached Avenue & Davenport (no pun intended!), I thought to myself, "Geez, what rye? what burbon?" The choice of each can make or break my liking or disliking of the cocktail. So, I played it safe and used Wild Turkey rye and Elijah Craig Bourbon. As it turned out, the choice was good: you want a pairing where the two complement each other, and avoid one overwhelming the other.

This pairing worked out nicely. After mixing, stiring with ice, blah, blah, blah, I took the first sip. Everything was in balance. Even the cherry notes were there, which surprised me somewhat, considering the amounts of rye and bourbon relative to the Maraschino Liqueur--and the Fernet-Branca. But...I thought as good as it was, it could be even better. Rummaging through my 20+ bottles of bitters, I knew what was needed. Tenatively, I added one, then two drops of Fees Bros. Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters.

Thankfully, those two little drops substantially improved the cocktail. I didn't add a third drop this time, but next time I will--maybe. The two were just right; hopefully three will not be too much. After all was said and done, I rated "Avenue & Davenport"
as a four. Try it and let others know what your thoughts are about this luscious before-dinner drink.