34 oz Brandy
34 oz Becherovka
34 oz Bärenjäger
Build in a brandy snifter.
2011 Kindred Cocktails
From other users
  • Not having brandy, we made it with Hennessy cognac. Norm liked it very well. Dar thinks it's too sweet or, perhaps, unbalanced. Might try with higher ratio of brandy/cognac. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Made with jack daniels honey. Not bad, but a bit sweet for before dinner — ☆☆☆
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3 of my favourite ingredients

3 of my favourite ingredients combined. The honey comes through, definitely, backed up by the spices in the Becherovka. My wife thought it tasted of "Grandma's Cough Syrup" but I really liked this one. 5 stars.