Caramel By The Sea

1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Apple brandy, Lairds (bonded)
1 oz Averna
12 t Allspice Dram
12 oz Sea salt caramel syrup (Sonoma Syrup Co.)
Shake somewhat casually and strain into a rocks glass containing fresh ice.
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bevx's picture

Damn you, Stew! You made me

Damn you, Stew! You made me go to Sur la Table to get that caramel syrup! Don't you know how easy it is to blow huge wads of cash in that place?... Seriously though, this sounds phenomenal; I can't wait to actually try it. And my mind is racing with other possibilities for the syrup!

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Yup. Phenomenal. Rich and

Yup. Phenomenal. Rich and decadent, but not too sweet. A slice of Granny Smith as garnish might be nice, too.

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Can't wait to try this one.

Can't wait to try this one. Does the syrup taste particularly sea salty? I'd rather make my own than buy another bottle at the moment...

bevx's picture

To me, it doesn't taste

To me, it doesn't taste particularly salty at all. Just the perfect amount to keep the sweet caramel from being cloying. There is a hint of vanilla too... Also, thank you for giving me an excuse to eat a spoonful of caramel sauce.